Monday, June 29, 2009

Traction Man Is Here by Mini Grey

This book is great read - particularly for the young male audience among us! (However, girls will probably enjoy it also).

After reading the first two pages, I felt like I was reading the diary or perhaps the thoughts of a 6 year old boy and the adventures his "Traction Man" figurine has.

What an imagination he has! It reminded me of the adventures I used to create with a doll (yes a doll) that my parents gave me one Christmas... I do wonder whatever happened to "Pooky"

Great adventures in this story! Highly recommended. I understand there is another in this series! Can anyone inform me as to its title?

Carmen's Sticky Scab by Ginger Churchill & Illustrated by Barry Gott

DON'T PICK IT! That's all I can say... (a scab not this book).

This book is great! The first line had me sold... "Carmen had a scab. A sticky, oozy, crusty scab."

Hilarious! I am still laughing! Andy is my favourite character!

You MUST read this book! So tell me... if you happen to develop a scab somewhere on your person, should you pick it?

Why or why not?

Is Your Grandmother A Goanna? by Pamela Allen

I was a little confused by this book. I picked it up as the title made me laugh. I am surprised the station master at each station did not
a) seem to care that there were wild animals at each stop
b) question the boy as to why he was by himself.

However, it is just a story. And quite entertaining as you get into it! A great use of onomatopoeia!

Um, just curious... is your grandmother a goanna?