Monday, June 29, 2009

Traction Man Is Here by Mini Grey

This book is great read - particularly for the young male audience among us! (However, girls will probably enjoy it also).

After reading the first two pages, I felt like I was reading the diary or perhaps the thoughts of a 6 year old boy and the adventures his "Traction Man" figurine has.

What an imagination he has! It reminded me of the adventures I used to create with a doll (yes a doll) that my parents gave me one Christmas... I do wonder whatever happened to "Pooky"

Great adventures in this story! Highly recommended. I understand there is another in this series! Can anyone inform me as to its title?

Carmen's Sticky Scab by Ginger Churchill & Illustrated by Barry Gott

DON'T PICK IT! That's all I can say... (a scab not this book).

This book is great! The first line had me sold... "Carmen had a scab. A sticky, oozy, crusty scab."

Hilarious! I am still laughing! Andy is my favourite character!

You MUST read this book! So tell me... if you happen to develop a scab somewhere on your person, should you pick it?

Why or why not?

Is Your Grandmother A Goanna? by Pamela Allen

I was a little confused by this book. I picked it up as the title made me laugh. I am surprised the station master at each station did not
a) seem to care that there were wild animals at each stop
b) question the boy as to why he was by himself.

However, it is just a story. And quite entertaining as you get into it! A great use of onomatopoeia!

Um, just curious... is your grandmother a goanna?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kiss The Cow by Phyllis Root & Will Hillenbrand

I seem to be enjoying books about cows at the moment!

Check this one out...

Luella, a magic cow with beautiful brown eyes and bright curving horns, was kissed on her velvety brown nose every day by Mama May for presenting her with fresh, yellow, warm milk.

Annalisa, Mama May's daughter, thought that kissing a cow every day was just outright disgusting!  (I agree!  All that smelly cow/grass breath.  Yuck!)

There was something else Annalisa was thinking about...   

                                                                                                           ...what it would be like to milk a magic cow!

Annalisa was warned not to milk the cow as she might never produce milk again if upset.  But, Annalisa ignored her mother's warnings!

What will happen when Annalisa milks Luella?  Will she upset her?  Will she kiss her on the nose when she finishes?  

Read it to find out more and let me know what you think...


Misery Moo by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

Misery Moo is the story of a depressed, moody old cow who couldn't see the good things in any situation in her life.  Her friend, Lamby Poo, tries to cheer her up by trying to get Misery to look at the good things that happen during the bad things...  but she had no such luck...


               ...can't give it away now, can I?

Enjoy the read,


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems

A terrible monster!  What!  There is no such thing.  I am a monster!  My family are monsters.  My friends are monsters.  And none of us are terrible, or scary... goodness.

Anyway, now that I have got that out, I wish to tell you about this book, Leonardo the Terrible Monster.

Leonardo was a terrible monster.  Apparently because he couldn't scare anyone!  (Who is trying to teach him to scare people!  That should not be allowed!  But, if you want tips on frightening people - check out When The Wind Changed!)  

So, Leonardo can't scare anyone (good).  Leonardo's main problem was that he was comparing himself to other monsters who were nothing like he was.  Monsters that had a lot of teeth (and I mean a lot!)  Monsters that were enormous, ugly and well, just plain weird.

Will Leonardo learn to scare people effectively, or will he learn that being a good friend is a better character trait to have?

You decide.

Happy reading...

(P.S. don't read it past 6pm...)


Snail's Legs by Damian Harvey & Korky Paul

I picked this book up off the shelf simply because there was an illustration of a frog on the cover -  and frog's legs are a part of my diet.  Not apart from diet...  anyway...

However, you will note that the book is titled: Snail's Legs not Frog's Legs.  Which is the second reason why I grabbed this one!  I don't know about you, but I've NEVER seen a snail with legs.  Have you?

Without giving the story away, Snail and Frog are the fastest runners in the whole wood!  (Yes Snail is a fast runner).  A chef arrives from the wood in search of the strongest legs to help him prepare a special birthday treat for their King.  They are both determined to beat each other in a running race.  (I used to enjoy running but my legs are so, so small!)  

It is interesting as you reach the conclusion of this book to discover the reward bestowed upon the winner of the race as the chef discovers the strongest legs...