Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems

A terrible monster!  What!  There is no such thing.  I am a monster!  My family are monsters.  My friends are monsters.  And none of us are terrible, or scary... goodness.

Anyway, now that I have got that out, I wish to tell you about this book, Leonardo the Terrible Monster.

Leonardo was a terrible monster.  Apparently because he couldn't scare anyone!  (Who is trying to teach him to scare people!  That should not be allowed!  But, if you want tips on frightening people - check out When The Wind Changed!)  

So, Leonardo can't scare anyone (good).  Leonardo's main problem was that he was comparing himself to other monsters who were nothing like he was.  Monsters that had a lot of teeth (and I mean a lot!)  Monsters that were enormous, ugly and well, just plain weird.

Will Leonardo learn to scare people effectively, or will he learn that being a good friend is a better character trait to have?

You decide.

Happy reading...

(P.S. don't read it past 6pm...)



  1. Hi Morrie
    Great book, I think Leonardo should stay how he is because it's ok to be different from all the other's, anyway just because he's a monster dosen't mean he has to be scary, wada ya think, I would like to hear from you, see ya!


  2. Hi JD. I agree with you! I think people (and monsters like myself) need to be who they are and not try to be something else. If everyone was the same, the world would be a very dull, and boring place.

    Keep the comments comin',


  3. I like this book as well it is a great book to read.

    By Alyssa Corcuera