Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snail's Legs by Damian Harvey & Korky Paul

I picked this book up off the shelf simply because there was an illustration of a frog on the cover -  and frog's legs are a part of my diet.  Not apart from diet...  anyway...

However, you will note that the book is titled: Snail's Legs not Frog's Legs.  Which is the second reason why I grabbed this one!  I don't know about you, but I've NEVER seen a snail with legs.  Have you?

Without giving the story away, Snail and Frog are the fastest runners in the whole wood!  (Yes Snail is a fast runner).  A chef arrives from the wood in search of the strongest legs to help him prepare a special birthday treat for their King.  They are both determined to beat each other in a running race.  (I used to enjoy running but my legs are so, so small!)  

It is interesting as you reach the conclusion of this book to discover the reward bestowed upon the winner of the race as the chef discovers the strongest legs...



  1. Snail's legs is amazing book because if you think you can you can do it and its a funny book because who has seen a snail with legs be for and snails are not fast in the woods right?


  2. Hi Morrie

    It's great to hear that you enjoyed reading Snail's Legs.

    Keep up the good work with your book blog and don't wait too long before you write your own books.

    Best wishes


  3. Hey Damien. I am honored to have you comment on our blog! Are you working on any other childrens' books at the moment? What other texts would you recommend?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon...


  4. Hi Morrie,

    working on lots of things right now. Mostly books for slightly older readers though - not as many picture books. I like picture books for older readers but it's not always easy finding a publisher for them in Britain... they seem to like cute picture books at the moment.

    I've just read The Great Dog Bottom Swap, by Peter Bently and illustrated by Mei Matsuoka - it made me laugh anyway.

    happy reading